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Lead Management

Lead management is an important stage in sales funnel. Because selling your product or service is ultimate goal of a company. For selling goods or service, company has to depend upon the advertising and other lead generation activities. Such a leads should be tracked till it is converted to customer. Some time a lead should be followed up more than 6 months to convert into customer. Tracking such lead is very complicated in paper works. FtCrm act as lead management software to track any kind of leads at long run.

Effective lead management software should have some important aspects such as collect customer information, Interact with customer, long term storage and task management. FtCrm has all these features for the sales process. One of the most important things is following up new leads. Follow up helps to increase the sales and company growth rate. Such a follow up should be monitored and tracked by any CRM software. Fragua CRM software will help sales executive to add follow up task to track the rescheduled follow ups.

FtCrm helps any business to add/edit leads in online based application. It has lots features such as lead management, invoice, quote management etc. It is India’s Top lead management software. Leads can be classified by industry, Lead sources and status. Industry is a customizable by an organisation. Using industry classification user or administrator can send SMS or mail to collaborate with any clients. As well as organisation can provide different offers for different industry clients. Lead source is a parameter which is used to analyse and get report source wise.

Features of Lead Management Software:

  • Centralized storage to track all leads
  • Easiest and faster way to assign leads among all colleagues
  • Create and manage follow up tasks
  • Add mail or SMS reminder for leads and Follow up tasks
  • Track visit tasks for leads if needed
  • 99.9% server up time

Lead management software has features such as send SMS, Mail in case of customer not responding properly. This will help marketing executive to achieve the target easily and rapid manner. After seeing overwhelmed response from our customer’s we have added more and more features to the existing application. That’s why it became India’s Top lead management software in short period of time.

Best lead management software is a software that marketing team willing to adopt. FtCrm is designed in marketing executive perspective. Thus CRM software became best and Top most lead management software in India.

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