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Quote is a typical process in sales pipeline. However create, manage and track quote is time consuming process. Fragua Quote Management software is mobile friendly software, Quotes can be generated from mobile. Fragua Quotation generator software or Quote Management Software is easy and user friendly application to create and send quotes to new customers. It will be helpful to sales persons to save lots of time for sure. This is online based quote generator which will help to sales person to create, edit, send and Download PDF files from Online.

FtCrm has feature to manage quotes and send to client through mail. If a quote is not satisfied to customer, it can be modified and send them for an approval. Once quotation is satisfied to customer it can be converted to invoice in single step.Quotation which is generated using our quotation management software is online. Hence it is easy to manage all quotes in single window. All quotes are stored permanently. In our Online quotation management software, there is no limitation for quotation genarations.

Features of Quotation Management:

  • Generate PDF format
  • Easy conversion to Invoice
  • Send Quote to customer
  • Create and modify Quotes online
  • Generates professional Quote format
  • Track all quotes in one place
  • GST Enabled Quotation Generator
  • HSN/SAC code option available

Post GST system implementation in India, now it is important to mention HSN or SAC code in Quote and Invoice. Fragua Online Quote management software has been implemented with HSN and SAC code. These codes define the product category. So it is important to mention HSN code for Goods and SAC codes for Services in every quote. But it is not easier one to have each HSN/SAC code. Using Fragua online Quote Generator software business persons can add or edit HSN/SAC code for their Goods/Services.

Online Quotation generator application has 5 statuses. These are Draft, Sent, Accepted, Declined and Expired. If a Quotation is being generated and not sent to customer is called as Draft status. If drafted quotation is sent to customer, then it will come under Sent. If it is accepted by customer Accepted else it will be Declined Status. Finally quote will be expired automatically if quotations are not accepted by customer for long period. Thus Fragua quotation generation software is the best online quote management software in India.

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